Crash & Bash Protection

28 February 2009

Available (January 09) or soon-to-be-available protection options fall into two main categories:

Crash Protection and Bash Protection

Crash Protection in the form of Engine Bars. Crash bars are not going to protect your bike in all circumstances, and in the case of a hard smash might even transfer energy to your engine housing. However, for low speed spills and 'adventure' drops, they will save you having to replace expensive plastics and indicators. For everything else there is insurance.

Bash Protection in the form of bashplates and handguards. Bashplates cover the lower front engine and the underside, sometimes extending as far back as the catalytic convertor. Most of them will need removing to change the oil filter.The metal bar in the BMW handguards arguably offers some crash protection for your levers.

NOTE: Bashplates will fit 800 and 650 models, however 650 owners will need a fixing kit from BMW, which includes the necessary 'silentblock' rubber vibration-proof mounts and bolts. (800 owners have this as standard with the stock bash plate). Some plate manufacturers may include this kit - check with them directly

Manufacturer offerings in Alphabetical order:


Adventure-Spec bars are still in production, so no prices yet. Latest prototype looks like this:

Adventure-Spec Bashplate £130 silver or £140 black


BMW crashbars, not yet available (August '08) approx £226

Metal BMW Enduro Bashplate £147, plus fixing kit for 650 owners only £23.69 (plastic bashplate standard on 800GS comes with fixing kit):

This BMW bashplate was powder coated by the owner. Notice that this plate extends as far back as the cat.

BMW Protector Bar & Screws £63.68 with large guard £23.50 and small guard £19.50 and spoiler £16

Also, it is possible to fit the 2008 1200GS handguards to the 650 and maybe 800.


Givi Engine Bars £103

Hepco Becker

Hepco Becker Engine Bars approx $200

Image from these forums, credit to

No doubt HB will have a bashplate at some point in the future.

Metal Mule

Metal Mule bashplate £139

MM also doing crash bars for UKP199. See here


SW-Motech Crash Bars £121 (available in black, shown in red for clarity)

SW-Motech Bash Plate £131/800 or £140/650 (available in black, shown in red for clarity)


Touratech Crash Bars Lower £162.93 and Upper extension £78.01

Touratech Small Bashplate £77.02

Touratech Bashplate extension £43.44 (to fit BMW centrestand)

Oil Filter Guard £53.42

Touratech Handguards £74.06 and spoiler £19.75 all available in different colours

Wild At Heart

A South African company making their own crash bars. SAR3,980 or Approx US$435.


Wunderlich Adventure Crash Bars 179€

Wunderlich Street Crash Bars (no pic available) 169€

Wunderlich Bash Plate 219€ and main stand protection plate 69€

Wunderlich Rectifier protector 35€


I'm sure that manufacturers will expand their range of offerings. However, this brings together all the current options into one place for comparison.

Hope this helps.


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